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I first met Uzma about a year or more ago at this meet & greet event for the club for which I currently serve as an executive member. I don’t really remember much from that night besides the fact that we kept taking each other’s seats and then later we went to this girl’s house where she (the girl not Uzma) lived with druggies and then we went to this canal or river or something at night and it was really pretty. 

I’ve honestly never met someone like Uzma in my entire life. Or maybe I have and just haven’t taken the time to get to know them. But yeah, I can honestly say that Uzma is one of my closest friends here. She’s probably also one of the most open-minded people I’ve ever met: she is ALWAYS interested in trying out new things. Which I enjoy, because I am then exposed to said new things, which I honestly find hard to do sometimes when I’m alone. Like, I enjoy being able to have new experiences and expanding my horizons and stuff, and I find I generally end up doing lots of interesting things a lot of times when I hang out with Uzma.

I think my favourite quality about Uzma is that I can basically talk to her about anyone or anything and be completely honest about whatever. I’m not saying I lie to everyone else or anything, but I could probably just start talking to Uzma about anything from like earthquakes to political corruption in Africa to the lack of relationship depth in yaoi (Uzma we should totally talk about this) and she will totally roll with it. Which honestly just makes it a whole lot easier to express myself honestly. The majority of my other friends would probably just make odd assumptions about me or just have no input or something, but I find Uzma always has something interesting to add. 

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